Mr_MENDO_16The master of  his own class, Ferry van der Nat has finally released a compilation of his best work a book simply titled: MR.

For the ones unfamiliar with mister van der Nat, here a quick profile. Dutch photographer Ferry van der Nat has been taking Polariod images of men for years. Many of the men he scouted have made it to the major runways and fashion mags around the world. Male photography and nudity are his themes. Ferry Van der Nat worked for many years in the fashion industry as a professional make-up artist and stylist for magazines like L’Official and Dutch Vogue, as well as the designers Viktor & Rolf.


For his photography  van der Nat works with two cameras. The 1965 Polaroid Land Camera 103 sheds a greenish blue tint across the prints, seeming to distill an aura and mystery around the subjects. The second camera, the Polaroid Big Shot from 1975, is famously the same model used by Andy Warhol as he produced some of his most overtly sexual images—a mood that inspires Van der Nat’s own project.Mr_MENDO_13In June, Van der Nat releases his first monograph, simply called Mr. Mr. is a luxurious book with just over 300 pages and 285 high quality images. The book is a MENDO initiative & design.

Mr. contains contributions by Gert Jonkers (Editor-in-Chief of Fantastic Man) and Alan Prada (Deputy Editor-in-Chief L’Uomo Vogue) and an interview by Jacquill Glenn Basdew.

Mr_MENDO_17The price is € 59,50 and if you order at MENDO or on the exclusive website, you will receive a signed copy.