is a great supporter of equal right and equality for all. In this light we love to celebrate and highlight initiatives that help to improve equality. It is for this reason that it was time to highlight a great Amsterdam initiative. The annual Milkshake festival.  With this years milkshake on it’s way. It is time to have a little flashback to my very first time at milkshake 2 years ago.

In spirit of that I am looking back on the interview I had with Jeff Solo and the amazing photo report by Tessa Bosma.


What are your
golden rules for dressing up for a festival?

Jeff:Anything goes actually, really, just wear what makes you feel good. Only thing that comes to mind, but that’s a personal thing: It has to be comfortable! Why punish yourself with something that bothers you all day?!

-Jeff Solo




Read the full interview with Jeff Solo here and see all the images of Milkshake 2014 here.

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