orgreen-_2016_18_011_330_crop orgreen-_2016_26_038_330_crop orgreen-_2016_24_035_330_crop orgreen-_2016_23_028_330_crop orgreen-_2016_20_012_330_crop orgreen-_2016_13_048_330_crop orgreen-_2016_14_054_330_crop orgreen-_2016_15_030_330_crop orgreen-_2016_17_030_330_crop orgreen-_2016_16_029_330_crop orgreen-_2016_12_058_330_crop orgreen-_2016_11_052_330_crop orgreen-_2016_10_045_330_crop orgreen-_2016_10_011_330_crop orgreen-_2016_09_005_330_crop orgreen-_2016_03_064_330_cropIn the cold of a concrete environment where solid surfaces and clean lines

resonate simplicity and functionality, the AW16 campaign from Danish eyewear brand

Ørgreen introduces warm skin and radiant ready-mades in the pursuit of

individuality and attitude.


Through the Ørgreen lens the brut concrete transforms itself into raw and natural

material, providing a timeless interplay of light, colors and angles. Lines blend together fnally opening to dynamism and deception, allowing the unimagined to happen, with contrasts and juxtaposition from a love for all things ambiguous.

Beautiful and broken. Pure and provocative. Senseless and signifcant. Candid and

cockeyed. Perfections and distortions entangled in an innate desire to crucify boredom

eventually encourage a sophisticated individuality to emerge.

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