One-off Last Defender by Piet Boon honors original Defender design and celebrates one of Rover’s icons. In January 2016 Land Rover ceased production of the Defender model 68 years after the first introduction to the AutoRAI in 1948. Land Rover with that move said goodbye to an icon. To give homage to this icon and to build a bridge to the future of the Defender, Land Rover gave the Dutch designer Piet Boon the unique honor of customizing one of the last Defender copies. The result is a contemporary and unique interpretation of the iconic model: Last Defender by Piet Boon.


Piet Boon: “The Defender is a fantastic car. Timeless and truly an icon. Asked to be one of the last examples of an aesthetic design gives me  great honor. A chance you won’t get any time soon. With the Last Defender we honor the original design and celebrate the history of the particular model. ”

4-land-rover-last-defender-by-piet-boonThe body and the characteristic door and hood hinges are made of Pure Aluminum, with the gloss black “sawtooth” rims and stainless steel details such as the headlamps, grille and air intakes, provide additional contrast.

The canvas roof construction, the leather pieces and straps have a brown color. On the back a’Last Defender’ badge in bronze refers  to the unique project of Piet Boon. The combination of Pure Aluminum with brown body and brown shade is also extended to the interior. The front seats, cubby box and the inside of the doors are covered with brown-colored leather in exactly the same shade as the bodywork.

See the car in action in the video below.