img_4044Grey Sweater from People’s Avenue

In the very polluting world of fashion it’s nice to see brands that will dare to walk a different, more sustainable  path.  Amsterdam’s clothing brand People’s Avenue opened it’s third brand store  in late September, enough reason to learn more about this sustainable Dutch brand.

With the third store, adding Amsterdam to the list together with  Utrecht and Haarlem, there is no doubt the relatively young brand has grown a lot in nine months. Thus closer to the goal of sustainably produced clothing accessible to  a broad audience.  img_4044-c

A fair process

Owner Roland Wiechert founded the company, after a trip to India. There he visited a textile factory and was shocked by the deplorable working conditions. The idea came to start a clothing brand, with  each part of the production process fair, sustainable and environmentally aware. This effect everything from the production, to the materials and designs, to the retail price of the brand.

“We show that it could be better. Massa does not have to be bad. “- Says Roland Wiechert.

Closed Recycling system

People’s Avenue is one of the first to use a completely closed recycling system that allows 98% of the water to be reused in the production process. The brand uses only renewable resources such as; organic cotton, modal (beech), lyocell (beech), recycled polyester and bamboo.

Want to buy yourself a sustainable piece?

People’s Avenue in the Netherlands is available from nine outlets, including three brand stores in Utrecht, Haarlem and Amsterdam. In addition, the clothing is sold in six other retail stores, including We Are Labels and online on

img_4010Wearing: WEEKDAY Lammy Coat | People’s Avenue Sweater | Tommy Hilfiger Trousers