Summer in New York

It sounds odd, but it really is never too early to start looking for the perfect threads for the summer. Why? Well even when it is a bit chilly outside – clothes that aren’t in season are discounted, so while your parkas and bomber jackets are at a premium, the summer goods will likely be at a cut price. Nice!

So what should you be looking at to upgrade your summer wardrobe?IMG_0740The very first thing that always comes to mind is shorts. Shorts get shorter and longer as time goes by, so try to find a sensible option here. Smart is better over sportyshorts- unless you’ve got a lot of workout sessions planned for the summer! Smart shorts can be used for a lot of occasions, so they are worth getting.

slayy outfitSunglasses are of course an obvious choice and you should shell out here on a good pair that suits your face well. If you need specs, opt for a prescription pair of sunglasses that will ensure you’re not flying blind throughout the summer! They also have a small benefit in protecting your eyes from the rays of the sun. Summer is also the season of bling and from watches to chains and bracelets, it is a season to show off. Boost your shininess with chains from this website or find a good watch that can last you for a lot longer than a simple summer. A NATO strap watch offers a washable strap and won’t get funky over the course of the summer.

IMG_2224As for footwear be a sandals guy, but don’t be the socks and sandles guy. There are plenty of pretty cool options out there to keep your toes in the breeze and sandals are of course really comfortable! Go for an option that isn’t a basic floppy sandal. Sneakers are essential for the summer so stock up on the classic Adidas Stan Smith. They’ve never gone out of fashion, and you can pair them up with a lot of outfits. The same is going for the Nike Air Max line as well, which is becoming a year-round favorite. In fact, why not opt for both! The boat shoe or a colored loafer is a more formal option that works in a lot of environments as well.

constructChinos and button down oxford shirts can be bought both cheap and en-masse in a variety of different shades, so you can opt for a lot of choice here! There’s no end to the ways you can pair these up and for those al-fresco lunches there is no better option. Summer also allows you to be a lot more vibrant with your shirt choice. While the winter usually calls for dull tones and flannel, the summer is better suited for bold designs, full prints, blocks and patterns. Be you and grab a number of short sleeved shirts that can go down well at the beach or in the office.

Of course, the summer can sometimes bring unexpected winds and rain. A light denim jacket to stowaway is a good option in case you’re caught out by a sudden spritz of cold air or rain.