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Being asked to be the best man at your friend/brother/cousin’s wedding is one of the greatest honors that any of us will ever receive. It symbolizes the relationship the two of you share and means that you’ll be playing an integral role in the most important day of the groom’s life.

But while you must be pretty stoked, there’s also the pressure of responsibility weighing down on your shoulders. If you’re going to be the best man, you want to be the best best man ever. Letting down the main man simply isn’t an option.

Right now, it probably feels like quite a daunting task. Don’t panic; you can ace the challenge by mastering just three simple areas. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get to work.

 river island ss 2017 thisismdfs

Look from the River Island ss 2017 collection

Prepare In Style

The wedding day requires a lot of preparation, and your groom’s life will be made a lot easier when you handle your role in the right manner. Conversely, not playing your part could leave him regretting his decision. And it won’t go down well with the bride-to-be either.

Appearances are an important element throughout the wedding, and perfecting your look is key. However, your planning duties don’t end there. Maintaining great communication with the other crucial people, including bridesmaids, is imperative. Quite frankly, this will have a huge impact on helping the big day run smoothly.

Wedding day preferences will vary between different couples. However, one common feature is keeping potentially disruptive guests apart from each other. Let’s face it; most families have a couple of people that don’t like each other. Stay ahead of the game on this front to ensure the happy couple receive the day they deserve.


Send Him Off In Style

Being the best man is great from start to finish, but the most enjoyable part comes from sending him off in style. However, this fun isn’t just a part of the tradition. More importantly, it’s a chance for the groom to let his hair down before the pressure of the big day hits top gear.

There are plenty of bucks ideas out there, and finding the right one will instantly validate his choice of making you the best man. Of course, you want it to be non-stop fun from start to finish. On the other hand, the most important element is to make it accessible for all guests. Taking the needs of those people into account is key.

It’s probably best to do the event at least one week before the big day, though. Nobody wants to be stuck in a scene from The Hangover.

Look from the River Island ss 2017 collection

Look from the River Island ss 2017 collection

Big Day Duties

After months of planning, the wedding day itself will probably fly by. However, that doesn’t mean you don’t have some huge duties to consider throughout the course of that day. First and foremost, ensuring people stick to the agreed plans is a must.

For many best men, conducting the speech is probably the scariest task. These tips should help you write a killer piece, though. Just remember not to cross any lines. After all, the groom is in front of his new in-laws.

As for the evening entertainment, input levels will change from wedding to wedding. Once the loving couple has left the building, though, you should help the bridesmaids with organizing the gifts. If cleaning duties are required, you may need to help out here too. Essentially, having a drink is fine, but maintaining self-control is vital.