KLEDINGNLTHISISMDFSlooka-2Wearing:  Colmar Jacket | Topman Turtle Neck | G-Star Elwood X25 trousers via vantilburgonline | Adidas Gazelle Sneaker

Standing out from the crowd with your wardrobe has become more and more accepted.  Where men a few years ago were labeled as an strange bird, the world of fashion for men has come to embrace the overdressed look. The look where there are no rules.  For me this means bold graphics and trying out items I normally wouldn’t have.KLEDINGNLTHISISMDFSlooka-4For me this meant the exploration into the world of Denim. So this meant, looking for looks that go beyond the classic denim shirts and jeans.  The look I excitingly wanted to tackle was the denim on denim look. The denim on denim trend (aka the Canadian Tuxedo) has been around for years now, but there were a few attempts by me to try this look as seen here.KLEDINGNLTHISISMDFSlooka-5Truth is, this trend isn’t as scary as everyone makes it out to be. Most people give up easily before even trying the look because they don’t know where to begin and I get that. As someone that isn’t a frequent denim shopper I could use all the help available online to find that bold statement item of my liking. Especially online it is nice to have a place where all my favorite stores come together, to make my searching process that much easier.  Luckily  I had kleding.nl (you might remember the fashion search engine from the graphic print shirt post I did about them a while back) to help me out on this one.KLEDINGNLTHISISMDFSlooka-3The key here was to find items that I naturally gravitated  to. I instantly fell in love with these graphic print trousers from G-Star while browsing the vantilburgonline website. These Elwood X25 trousers are one of the 25 distinct print jeans selected by Pharrell ( you know the new Head of Imagination for the denim brand) himself.KLEDINGNLTHISISMDFSlooka-7Whit that first item in mind I went on the hunt for a complimentary  top. I went over a several jackets and jeans shirts, but found a great match in this zip able-sleeve Colmar jacket.

Overall I  was very pleased with the end result. It turned out to be one of  my favorite looks this year. Merging both print and a material I don’t wear often. Which, if you know fashion bloggers, is quite rare.

KLEDINGNLTHISISMDFSlooka-6I think overall it is important, what ever look you are trying out,  to always get some inspiration and from there pull the right key items to make the look work. You will end up surprising yourself, getting more diverse looks and exciting new items to spice up your wardrobe with.