Scotch and Soda pays tribute to its stubbornly curious spirit, in Amsterdams around the world.  

Set in Amsterdam, the Dutch brand’s latest campaign is a far cry from familiar scenes of picturesque canal houses. Instead, the mini epic, directed by rising star Fleur Fortuné, follows beautiful characters trekking across frozen Cords. The connection? The Cords and ice-caps belong to Amsterdam – a much lesser known one – in the Arctic. Why the 41-hour trek by plane and boat to an Island on the 80th parallel inhabited by a greater number of walruses and polar bears than people? “That’s our Amsterdam spirit – one defined by resourcefulness– we resist easy if it makes for something more beautiful,” explains the brand’s creative director, Marlou van Engelen. “We want to call out our city’s free-thinking; its stubbornly curious spirit – pay tribute to it.” Van Engelen continues: “We found twelve other Amsterdams around the world; an entire ‘Atlas of Amsterdams’. The mainstage becomes the Arctic Island, so remote and so close to the North Pole that it’s perfect for the brand’s explorer themed Fall-Winter collection. The cast included models, jessica Luostarinen and Justine Geneau. Bautifully layered for icy landscapes you would never associate with the original Amsterdam. Because that’s the thing, says Scotch & Soda, “Amsterdam is wherever you want it to be”.