On October 12 2017, The Model’s Health Pledge launched officially in Amsterdam at the end of all the international fashion weeks.  

The Model’s Health Pledge is an online platform and reporting point focusing on health and a healthy working environment for models in the fashion industry. The initiative was realised by a network of leading Dutch fashion companies and professionals. During the launch, the initiative was presented and the website: www.themodelshealthpledge.nl was launched.  

On the website, models, aspiring models, fashion professionals and other interested parties can gain inspiration and learn from the personal stories of fashion professionals. The platform offers access to experts in the field of sports, nutrition, the fashion profession, personal development and business. It also includes a reporting point for misconduct.  

The reporting point enables persons working in the fashion industry to report situations of misconduct that they have witnessed regarding health and a healthy working environment. Through the reporting point, the Pledge signatories aim to gain insights and work towards improvement. Reports about signatories are processed in dialogue with the involved parties or persons.  

The improvement process and results are shared with the person who made the report. All reports and learnings are included in the annual report of The Model’s Health Pledge and are shared with the Pledge signatories to encourage positive development in the industry. NETWORK The pledge signatories are committed to improving health and a healthy working environment in the fashion industry. The platform is made possible by this network. Among the signatories are Amayzine, And Beyond, Bdifferent, Michelle’s Good Food, BM Model Management, BullSisters, Elite Amsterdam, Elvis Models, fashion xchange, Fashion Week, Future Faces, Touché Model Management, Goosecraft, Harper’s Bazaar, Human Models, Innocence Model Agency, Mart Visser BV, MarVie Foundation, Max Models, Micha Models, Models at Work, Modint, Monique Collignon, NaardeStudio, No Office, Pijper Media, Schepers Bosman, SPS Model Management, The Modelhouse, Ulla Models and Vogue Netherlands. The organisation hopes to further engage with stakeholders in the fashion industry to maximize the effectiveness of the reporting point and increase the impact.