‘Correct me – I’m wrong’ is the first book by the Amsterdam, multidisciplinary artist and writer Lot Madeleine. Her texts have already been shown on different opbjects and campaigns in recent years. Correct me – I’m wrong shows a selection of layered quotes.

Correct me – I’m Wrong
The value of the work of Lot Madeleine can not be captured in the sum of the number of words
that she uses. Through an accurate process she elevates her quotes to seemingly simple, but always
layered constructs in which every word is an indispensable building block. From the idea that a spectator is always needed for interpretation, Lot evokes her utterances an unexpected interaction. In a continuous process involving public space and diverse objects serve as canvas for her craft, her quirky observations are now for the first time bundled together.

In “Correct me – I’m wrong”, Lot Madeleine embraces the challenges of postmodern existence in the
big city. Her quotes seem fragments from a continuous internal dialogue, in which she without
expectations reflect on its immediate environment and the world we share. She thus bends her reality
to become a language that invites us to its universe.  Publisher Rorschach combines the quotes of Lot Madeleine into a black book designed by Lot Madeleine.

The book is available via  www.uitgeverijrorschach.nl or www.lotmadeleine.com