We see so many things around us every day. Through countless different channels we are drowning in incentives. This has some negative effects on us, but I’d rather focus on the positive things in life. I think being stimulated with images all day keeps us inspired. It makes sure we never lack input or new ideas or inspiration.

One of my favorite ways to get inspired is by other people’s creativity. How fabulous is it to admire all the amazing things other people make and create? As a huge admirer of people who are skilled in the arts and crafts, I am currently very into illustrators.

Kind as I am, I made you a list of my favorite illustrators, artists and painters to follow on IG. So you can get as excited about these people as I am.


  • Alicja Biala, currently a student of the Royal College of Art, her art is also available on her website.


  • Studio Vondst check out her profile for her fabolous weekly Monday Jokes!



  • Bilder by Annieck, with an amazing eye for detail, she showcases her fabulous, whimsical drawings.



  • Amy Yip, a New York based talent who creates sketch like paintings.


  • Camilla Engstrom, she created a funny character named Husa and features her in most of her artwork.


Please check these amazing artists out and love them as much as I do!

Text: Louise Kluit